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Katherine Lodge is an English artist who creates abstract, contemporary art. She began her journey as an artist during the covid outbreak. After many years working as a designer and illustrator, the she began painting in 2021. In her early years she studied at the School Of Visual Arts, NY after an exchange from the UK. There she fell in love with the energy of Manhattan and it’s saturation of the arts. Her tutor, David Sandlin, encouraged her to make silk screens and lithography. Returning to London she studied Illustration at the Royal College of Art. She took an exchange to the The Art Institute of Chicago and worked closely with her longtime hero, Jim Nutt. She became obsessed with Chicago taxis and produced a hand printed book of her drawings. She has illustrated numerous books and has published all over the world. Before the epidemic she worked as a designer for Penguin Random House. Making art has taken her on a journey to explore her passion of abstract, textural art. She currently lives in the countryside.

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